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We would hope it includes getting an education, even if you have to borrow money to do that.  But that is not necessarily so in the new normal.

I’ve a website dedicated to issues relating to managing student loans. If you have your own student loans, or are a parent thinking to co-sign or one who has co-signed on student loans, or if you are otherwise  concerned about someone’s student loan burden, please visit the site, linked below.  It’s preliminary but being added to regularly.  I plan for it to aggregate developments and discuss various stages of seeking to manage student loans, including negotiated work outs, and bankruptcy options (which are limited but which exist, and, I believe, which will increase with the current and worsening student loan crisis).

Here’s the link:

I’m also publishing a 5-part column in the Los Alamos Daily Post, an online newspaper in Los Alamos, NM, called Help with the Hard Stuff: Managing Student Loans. Like this site, the column provides public information and is not providing legal advice. But it may help you understand how you can get help with the hard stuff!

#1  Managing Student Loans: As Serious as a Home Mortgage Obligation and Harder to Work Out