Should you Buy Back a Repossessed Car?

You have your “fresh start” after the bankruptcy.  Bravo! The goal was to get you set up to survive and thrive with your new life.

But what about the new opportunities, or enticements offered you? Are you ready, and practiced in making different, better choices than you may have made before?

A client called and asked: they are putting my car up to bid … should I try to buy it?

My response:

  1. Ask yourself, “Can I afford it?” “What can I afford?”
  2. Then, remember that knowing you can afford $300 month payments is not the same as being able to afford it when the additional costs (insurance taxes, etc.) increases your $300 payment.
  3. Plus, what if they kept the $300 as the payment but extended payments out in time so that you paid more interest over time for it?
  4. Plus, will it be possible you could afford to buy something without having to have payments?
  5. And, re: affordability — gas mileage?
  6. Finally, when you know what you can afford, then look at the process through which you are buying — a bid? where social pressures psychological pressures will make it very easy to increase your spending?  alittle more, then a little more, and suddenly you are 10 alittle mores over your “limit”.

You are making new habits, this takes time — a least a month of daily practice!

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