Santa Fe Bankruptcy Lawyer: “Why Do you Blog?”

I was speaking to a bankruptcy client from Taos the other day.  He asked me an interesting question, “Why do you have a bankruptcy blog?” This came up in conversations about various issues in the client’s bankruptcy, and I began referring him to various blog posts I’d done here on the Santa Fe Bankruptcy Lawyer Blog.

Why Do I Have the Santa Fe Bankruptcy Lawyer Blog?

My Taos bankruptcy client got me thinking.  Why do I write about bankruptcy law?

First, I must make a confession: I like to write.  I like being creative.  Bankruptcy law–in Santa Fe, Taos, or anywhere else–is largely about strategy.  It’s like a chess game of sorts.  And I like writing about bankruptcy law.  I like educating clients about their rights.  It’s a way I can help level the playing field for the little guy–or gal.  Corporate America has plenty of lawyers, bankruptcy and otherwise.  But the average New Mexican hasn’t got a fleet of lawyers at his disposal.  So I like being on the side of the consumer, and I like providing information to consumers to help level the playing field.

Second, I like writing.  Writing about bankrutpcy law might seem boring to some, but I know as a bankruptcy lawyer that knowledge is power. That makes writing about bankrutpcy law, well, fun, believe it or not!

Third, I use this bankruptcy blog to market my practice.  I represent clients all over northern New Mexico from places like Taos, Las Vegas, Espanola, Raton, Los Alamos, and, of course, Santa Fe.  You can look for a bankruptcy lawyer in the Yellow Pages, to be sure. But what can you really learn about a prospective bankruptcy lawyer in the Yellow Pages?  And what can you learn about bankruptcy law to help you in the Yellow Pages?  With this blog, I can let you know who I am, what I care about–like with this post!, and how I can help you.  I can also help empower you to help yourself.  Bankruptcy law is complicated, and if I can provide you with knowledge of how to help yourself and allow you to get to know me as well, that’s a  good thing.

I hope you find the Santa Fe Bankruptcy Lawyer Blog helpful.  If you have ideas for improvements or topics which should be covered, please let me know. And if you need an experienced and caring bankruptcy lawyer, I’m only a click or phone call away.

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