NM Bankruptcy Information On YouTube — Part One

This starts a series of occasional posts about good New Mexico bankruptcy information available on YouTube.

The Bankruptcy Court for New Mexico said yesterday that it has set up a YouTube video presence! Hurray for good use of social media — new tech as well as old!

Here’s their announcement:

The United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of New Mexico has established a YouTube channel to improve communication with the public.


The YouTube channel will be updated regularly with short, informative videos that help customers learn about various topics, including how to get to the courthouse and information on bankruptcy procedures. Though the Court is using YouTube as a medium for providing information to customers, the Clerk’s Office continues to be aware of the prohibition to provide legal advice to parties (both self-represented parties and to attorneys). The YouTube channel will allow us to consistently and clearly provide the same information we currently provide at the front counter via the Internet. We feel this is a critical element of customer service in a geographically large district like the District of New Mexico. We welcome your feedback on this new service, including suggestions for topics.

And they will, welcome your feedback, that is. The Clerk of the Bankruptcy Court for New Mexico is smart and always willing to listen to more ways to provide better service.  I haven’t looked at their YouTube site or the videos there yet, but am glad to see they are doing this. I’ll check it out and let you know more about what’s there.

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