Financial Health Steps – #10: Set your priorities —

This is the tenth in the series started here following a 30-step program in financial literacy over at the website.

Here’s from their Step #10:

Creating a list of needs and wants can help you establish your financial priorities.

Identifying your financial priorities — good idea, and the site above provides a financial priorities worksheet to help.  It lists different priorities, e.g., “Paying off unsecured debt,” “Saving for a down payment on a home,” “Starting/maintaining a savings account”; has you decide whether that priority is a “need” or a “want”; and then has you assign a rank to it (1, 2, or 3).

There are also boxes left blank for you to identify your own priorities, and if you are in the midst of financial difficulties, it is probable that you have not been able to maintain your car, your house, your self, even as you need to or want.  Your roof may leak, the car may need new tires, you haven’t been to the dentist in 2 years … work on identifying these “deferred maintainence needs”, too.

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