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Default on Loans and Debts: Higher Education Student Loans

Student loan debt and student loan default is one of the most serious problems facing the country’s long term recovery and health, and it is increasingly in the news.  I’ll post frequently about this topic. For today — a recent New York Time’s article reports:  In all, nearly one in every six borrowers with a […]

Better Financial Organization in 2012

I subscribe to the New York Times online, including its Your Money newsletter. The current issue features several articles on “resolutions” (I think we can safely still call them “New Year” even while January is passing as quickly as any other month), which are worth checking, including: — Tara Siegel Bernard’s Resolution: Become a […]

Feeling Lucky? (aka Overspending During the Holidays)

Feeling Lucky?Really, don’t count on it. Changing your financial situation is usually a matter of changing long-held, little-considered ideas and habits. And overspending during the holidays is one of the big habits most of us give in to. But in all economic times, not just this one, spending what you cannot afford and failing to […]