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From time to time, a Guest Blogger shares voice at the New Mexico Bankruptcy Law Blog. Today, we welcome Deborah M. DeMack.  Deborah is a former Assistant Attorney General in the Consumer Protection Division of the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office. A solo practitioner now in private practice in Santa Fe, NM, Ms. DeMack practices […]

Should you Buy Back a Repossessed Car?

You have your “fresh start” after the bankruptcy.  Bravo! The goal was to get you set up to survive and thrive with your new life. But what about the new opportunities, or enticements offered you? Are you ready, and practiced in making different, better choices than you may have made before? A client called and […]

Can I File Bankruptcy Without an Attorney?–

Can I File Bankruptcy Without an Attorney? Although it may be possible for some people to file a bankruptcy case without an attorney, it is not a step to be taken lightly. The process is difficult and you may lose property or other rights if you do not know the law. It takes patience and […]

How Do I Find a Bankruptcy Attorney?–

How Do I Find a Bankruptcy Attorney? As with any area of the law, it is important to carefully select an attorney who will respond to your personal situation. The attorney should not be too busy to meet you individually and to answer questions as necessary. The best way to find a trustworthy bankruptcy attorney […]

What Else Should I Know?–

What Else Should I Know? Utility services—Public utilities, such as the electric company, can not refuse or cut off service because you have filed for bankruptcy. However, the utility can require a deposit for future service and you do have to pay bills which arise after bankruptcy is filed. Discrimination—An employer or government agency can […]

Will Bankruptcy Affect My Credit?–

Will Bankruptcy Affect My Credit? There is no clear answer to this question. Unfortunately, if you are behind on your bills, your credit may already be bad. Bankruptcy will probably not make things any worse. The fact that you’ve filed a bankruptcy can appear on your credit record for ten years from the date your […]

What Else Must I Do to Complete My Case?–

What Else Must I Do to Complete My Case? After your case is filed, you must complete an approved course in personal finances. This course will take approximately two hours to complete. Many of the course providers give you a choice to take the course in-person at a designated location, over the Internet (usually by […]

Will I Have to Go to Court?–

Will I Have to Go to Court? In most bankruptcy cases, you only have to go to a proceeding called the “meeting of creditors” to meet with the bankruptcy trustee and any creditor who chooses to come. Most of the time, this meeting will be a short and simple procedure where you are asked a […]

Will Bankruptcy Wipe Out All My Debts?–

Will Bankruptcy Wipe Out All My Debts? Yes, with some exceptions. Bankruptcy will not normally wipe out: Money owed for child support or alimony; Most fines and penalties owed to government agencies; Most taxes and debts incurred to pay taxes which can not be discharged; Student loans, unless you can prove to the court that […]

Can I Own Anything After Bankruptcy?–

Can I Own Anything After Bankruptcy? Yes! Many people believe they can not own anything for a period of time after filing for bankruptcy. This is not true. You can keep your exempt property and anything you obtain after the bankruptcy is filed. However, if you receive an inheritance, a property settlement, or life insurance […]